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Keep the Feel of your Motorcycle!

Want to keep feeling the freedom and joy of riding your motorcycle even if you are having trouble - or just don't like holding it up at slow speeds anymore? Imagine being able to slow down and come to a stop without your feet ever touching the ground. Now imagine a system that retracts the landing gear as you accelerate - letting you ride the bike under power as you've always enjoyed riding

That's Retract-a-Trike. Built like airplane landing gear, it's a fantastic (and lower cost) alternative to having to ride a trike motorcycle or worse - giving up your motorcycle riding enjoyment all together.

With Retract-a-Trike, you can keep your leg up as the bike slows down or at a stop, letting the landing gear take the weight. Retract-a-Trike lets you carve up the corners as slow and as fast as you want, without fear of the landing gear getting in the way.

Here's What Makes Up the Retract-a-Trike System

Motorcycle Landingear

In a word, this system is QUALITY and from a company that truly loves riding motorcycles.

  • Built with high quality Chrome Moly welded tubing
  • All metal parts are powder coated for a long lasting durable finish
  • All exposed components are CNC machined from 304 stainless steel
  • All hardware is made of stainless steel

Retract-a-Trike fits the Honda Goldwing 1500 & 1800 and is based on the concept of landing gear used for aircraft.